The BRRIIM family-conference process has its origins in the Desert Sands Unified School District Student Assistance Program since 1995.  It was originally called the “Family Conference.”  The Family Conference or BRRIIM, as it is now called, has been evaluated a number of times, including as Connect to Achieve where it was replicated in eight school school districts in Riverside County available to over 100,000 students and their families.  It has most recently been evaluated by EvalCorp as the Breakthrough Program in Murrieta Valley Unified School District and by Evalcorp as Individualized Prevention Services (IPS) in Riverside County's Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Program. A Peer Review Journal Article is available : Harris, W.; Ryan, J, 2010, September.  “Indicated Prevention:  Bridging the Gap, One Person at a Time”.  Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, California Substance Abuse Research Consortium (SARC) Supplement 6.  California Alcohol and Drug Programs working with University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).  Pages 277-285.
Other References and Presentations:
  • Conference and Statewide Meeting Presentations:
    “Indicated Prevention:  Bridging the Gap, One Person at a Time” presentation by Wil Harris and Jan Ryan at the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs Training Conference, October 12-14, “Stronger Together:  Building Quality Services during Challenging Times.” Sacramento, CA.
  • “Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention Model (BRRIIM)” presentation by Bob Alkire, Jan Ryan and Jim Rothblatt at the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs Training Conference, June 2008, “Implementing A Comprehensive Continuum of Services: Beyond Tradition – Creating Synergy” Burlingame, CA.
  • California Alcohol and Drug Programs Administrators Association (CADPAAC) Quarterly Meeting;  2009.  Presentation on Individual Prevention Service by Karen Kane, Riverside County Administrator for Substance Abuse Programs. 
  • “Sustaining Prevention:  Stories, Skills, and Secrets.”  Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Learning Conference for funded SDFSC Grantees of the Governor’s Portion of SDFSC funding.  Presentation by Dean Lesicko about the school-based BRRIIM implementation.
  • “Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention Model (BRRIIM)” presentation by Wil Harris, Jan Ryan and Kim Lesnick at the 22nd Annual National Prevention Network Prevention Research Conference, September, 2009, Anaheim, CA.
  • No Cost training for implementation of BRRIIM is accessible upon request by all 58 California County Substance Abuse Programs – Prevention Services. Community Prevention Initiative (CPI) is the Prevention Technical Assistance and Training Contractor for the California Department of Alcohol and Drugs.  Subcontractors for CPI, Redleaf Resources Consulting (Jan and Jim Developers), provide the training that includes manuals, Interview and Planning Forms, and ongoing TA.  Dissemination was supported by CA ADP after 15 years of process and outcome evaluation that demonstrated the process successfully attracts individuals to creating their own prevention plan and links them with available resources.
Counties who have received training to implement BRRIIM are listed below:
➡ Riverside County:  Substance Abuse Program Prevention Services provides a comprehensive prevention system of services countywide with BRRIIM co-located in seven
➡ Stanislaus County:  Center for Human Services provides school-based Student Assistance Program in multiple school districts as a prevention services county contractor; funded by Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SAPT).
➡ Los Angeles County:  National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence; prevention services county contractor; funded by SAPT.
➡ San Bernardino County:  SDFSC Grantee Kinship Matters provides prevention services to youth in foster care and their caregivers; funded by SDFSC Grant.
➡ Sierra County:  Sierra County Department of Mental Health uses BRRIIM as the introduction for students/families to the Student Assistance Program provided to Sierra County schools and districts; funded by the Mental Health Services Act  (MHSA) Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) funding.
➡ San Francisco County:  requested BRRIIM materials and training; date TBA; funded by the ON TRACK subcontract for prevention training.
➡ Ventura County: requested and received an on-site technical assistance consult and visited the Riverside County offices to explore how BRRIIM could fit into their SPF Plan.
➡ Riverside County Strategic Prevention Framework Annual Evaluation:  2007 – 2010 uses California Outcome Measurement System (CalOMS Prevention) to capture process evaluation data for individual Participants in BRRIIM.
➡ Riverside County SDFSC Grantee Report for Breakthrough SAP, Murrieta USD: reporting on implementation of BRRIIM school-version (Family Conference) that is used as an adaptation within the Project Success program, 2007-2010.
➡ Safe Schools Healthy Students Initiative Grant Reports from 2002 – 2006: funded eight school district teams to implement the Family Conference to provide access to over 100,000 students.  Presentation to the annual SSHS Grantee Conference.
Awards:  474th Point of Light:  Desert Sands Unified School District SAP.  California CSBA Golden Bell Awards:  Desert Sands Unified and Murrieta USD Breakthrough SAP.  Nominated for the California Exemplary Award, 2003. 
27 Years of Evolution: Student Assistance Program (SAP) to Family Conference Model (FC) to Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention Model (BRRIIM).