Redleaf Resources, is best known for developing, implementing and providing training and technical assistance for the Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention Model (BRRIIM) BRRIIM can provide Indicated Prevention Services in a variety of settings, including, but not limited to school districts, county mental health and substance abuse clinics, and community based organizations.  
Redleaf Resources is certified with the State of California, Department of General Services as a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE), Ref#59437.   
 Jim RothblattJan Ryan, Kathleen Murvin and Dean Lesicko are the chief trainers and consultants, with partnerships with other professionals with a wide variety of cross-over expertise.  Mr. Rothblatt, Ms. Ryan, Ms. Murvin and Mr. Lesicko have many years of experience in the cross-over fields of: education and mental health with both adolescents and adults including: 
  • Prevention Education: Universal; Selected;Indicated (BRRIIM); 
  • Needs-Based Master Schedules; 
  • Mental Health Risk Behavior Prevention and Reduction; 
  • Tolerance Education; 
  • Focus Group Facilitation of students, staff, parents & community; 
  • School Alcohol and other Drug Interventions for adolescents and adults; 
  • School Violence and Bullying Interventions for adolescents; 
  • Student Interventions for any and all barriers to learning Pre-School through High School; 
  • Alcohol and drug education policy; 
  • Focus Groups; 
  • Conflict Resolution; 
  • Team building; 
  • Advocacy for students, parents and staff; 
  • Wilderness Therapy Encounter Groups;
Redleaf Resources has working relationships with professionals who are experts in all named areas.  It is these professional relationships that make up the team of "Resources" who are available to meet a wide range of individual and systemic needs.
Redleaf Resources is best known for the development of the Redleaf Resources (RR) Student Assistance Program Model (SAP), a.k.a Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention (BRRIIM) SAP.    This comprehensive RR SAP Model includes all three Institute of Medicine populations of prevention education/intervention: 1) Universal; 2) Selected; and 3) Indicated.
In these days of tight fiscal resources, Redleaf Resources excels in utilizing existing resources for maximum efficiency and capacity.  A prime example is expertise in developing intelligently designed "needs-based" school-site Master Schedules.  Jim Rothblatt has had years of experience at both the middle school and high school levels in creating student needs-based curriculum delivery systems, e.g. Master Schedules, with maximum staff input that met student needs and intersts and worked with staff strengths.  Jim Rothblatt has opened school with Master Schedules in place that were balanced and conflict free.  He also created "a school within a school" using existing staff resources that addressed "at risk" students needs, without any additional financial costs and with reduced class size as compared to the rest of the high school.  

Redleaf Resources BRRIIM
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